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Nintendo Unveils New Panzer Dragoon for Nintendo Switch

Panzer Dragoon, Nintendo Direct E3 2019

Nintendo Unveils New Panzer Dragoon for Nintendo Switch

After many years of dormancy, the Panzer Dragoon series is back with a new offering coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Revealed during the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, the game was unveiled with a teaser trailer of what the new title would have to offer.

In the trailer, a dragon can be seen gliding through a stunning landscape of greenery, rock formations and other natural beauty. It then moves into a quick glimpse of the game’s ariel combat with a warrior riding atop the dragon.

It all culminates in a teaser of the game’s title image, along with a winter 2019 release window.

Seeing its first release in 1995, the Panzer Dragoon series sees players take part in ariel dog fights and 3D bullet hell-style gameplay. The series hasn’t seen a new entry since 2002, making this new title the first the series has seen in almost two decades.

All the same, fans will have a bit longer to wait until Panzer Dragoon for the Nintendo Switch sees its full release. In the meantime, the full trader can be viewed down below.

Likewise, head over to’s homepage for all the latest news and announcements out of the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, as well as the news out of every other press conference that has been held so far.

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