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Fortnite: Search Chest, Use Vending Machine & Campfire Guide (Season 9 Week 7 Challenge)

search chest, use vending machine and campfire in single match fortnite

Fortnite: Search Chest, Use Vending Machine & Campfire Guide (Season 9 Week 7 Challenge)

With the release of the week 7 challenges in Fortnite Season 9, players once again have something to help level up their Season 9 Battle Pass while they patiently wait to see what this season’s event is going to bring to the table. One challenge tasks players to ‘Search a Chest, Use a Vending Machine, and a Campfire in a Single Match.’ Here’s how to complete it nice and easily.

‘Search a Chest, Use a Vending Machine and Campfire In a Single Match’ – Fortnite Week 7 Challenge

The first thing that’s worth pointing out here is that you don’t need to do these in any particular order. As long as you interact with all three of these different items in a single match, you’ll complete this challenge.

Fortunately, with the location we’re going to direct you to on Fortnite’s map down below, you won’t need to worry about that anyway, as it takes all of about a minute to get from one to the others.

First off, you’re going to want to make your way to Viking Village. It can be found where we’ve placed our marker on the map screenshot down below, and is at the top of the mountain in B6.

chest, vending machine, campfire in a single match Fortnite

You want to focus on landing within the Village section itself. There are a number of chest spawns you can go to loot to complete one part of this challenge, but our personal favorite is the one in the barn in the northeast corner. It’s hidden behind some hay bales, but in our experience, it tends to spawn fairly frequently and isn’t contested that often.

search chest in Fortnite

If you search the chest above, it also leaves you right by the exit in the northeast of Viking Village to make a quick escape to the nearby campfire.

Head out of the town camp and follow the path down the side of the mountain. As you’re directly east of the main camp, you’ll come to a little campsite with some tents and a campfire. Interact with the campfire for the next part of the week 7 challenge.

use campfire

With the campfire lit and the chest searched, you now just need to head to a vending machine. For this, you’re going to carry on following the path down the mountain from the campfire.

Instead of heading down the path to your left shortly after, though, head west and across the frozen waterfall. More often than not, you’ll find a vending machine spawn just by the streetlight here.

use vending machine

Interact with the vending machine and you’ll have successfully complete the week 7 challenge. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the current season, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 9 guide wiki. We’ve included some guides for last week’s challenges down below, too, in case you’ve been struggling to polish them off.

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