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Escape a Time Loop in the Annapurna Interactive Thriller, 12 Minutes


Escape a Time Loop in the Annapurna Interactive Thriller, 12 Minutes

What Remains of Edith Finch and Gone Home publisher, Annapurna Interactive unveiled a brand new interactive video game at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, known as 12 Minutes. In this title,  players follow a man trapped in a time loop that must do everything in his power to stop the women he loves from getting murdered.

Outside of small tidbits of information, the trailer doesn’t give too much information away, just clues as to the game’s premise. Based on its name and the way the dialogue and scenes presented thing, the game takes place over the span of 12 minutes, resetting things if players fail to do the right thing.

12 Minutes’ gameplay longevity looks to come from the trial and error method of thing, as players will learn not to do the same things that failed them previously. There is no telling as to whether the game is completely linear or not.

No release date has been revealed for 12 Minutes but it has been revealed to currently be an Xbox One and Windows PC title exclusive. For more information be sure to check back as this story develops.

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