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Chucklefish Announces Starmancer, Which Is like “Dwarf Fortress in Space”


Chucklefish Announces Starmancer, Which Is like “Dwarf Fortress in Space”

In the E3 PC Gaming show today, famous indie publisher Chucklefish revealed a new space-station management game called Starmancer that the presenter described as “Dwarf Fortress in space”. Your goal is to manage your resources and keep your space-station in operation, thematically similar to Faster Than Light.

A lot of the station management involves a great degree of customization. As developer Ominux states themselves: “Make the station your own. Paint every wall. Change the tiling in every room. Place furniture, rugs, paintings, posters, windows, and curtains. Design a run-down mining colony, a lively space port, or a fancy resort. Force the low-class colonists to live in the dirty depths of the station, and create a utopia for the high class residents.”

As fun as decoration can be, your ultimate goal is to preserve all the members of your crew. You must “Grow bodies in bio-tanks and assign them a consciousness. Supply your colonists with food, water and a breathable atmosphere. Give them jobs such as doctor, miner, or farmer. Colonists have feelings. They get upset when their friends are accidentally jetissioned out of air locks. If you’re not careful, they’ll opening rebel and attempt to destroy you. Keep them happy, or supress dissent by force.”

Chucklefish has a great reputation for publishing fantastic titles like Wargroove and Stardew Valley, so we have high hopes for how this space-managing Dwarf Fortress turns out to be.

Starmancer currently does not have a release date, but you can find the Steam page here, and the full website here. Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more on the E3 PC Gaming Show.

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