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5 Developers That Shined Bright During E3 2019


5 Developers That Shined Bright During E3 2019

id Software

doom eternal

Since it was rebooted in 2016, there have been very few games that make gunplay and action feel as smooth and fluid as id Software’s Doom. Following a couple of different trailer at E3 2019, Doom Eternal looks to be a worthy successor.

Between a mix of three trailers (story, gameplay, multiplayer) Doom Eternal displayed the same gameplay fans came to love with the reboot, as well as interesting updated features. While new environments and an array of misshapen enemies to squish under Doomguy’s boot were introduced, Battlemode stood out the most.

Instead of the usual Team Deathmatch style of multiplayer, Battlemode places two demons against one slayer in a fight to the death, with the former sending out minions to weaken the latter. This new mode is simply one of the handfuls of additions to Doom Eternal that looks to help keep things fresh, while also not changing what made the reboot fun in the first place.

All of this elevated Doom Eternal to being named one of our best of show games from E3 2019.

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