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64.7% of Famitsu Readers Plan to Buy a PS5; 32.2% Is Undecided According to Survey

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64.7% of Famitsu Readers Plan to Buy a PS5; 32.2% Is Undecided According to Survey

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included the results of a survey among the popular magazine’s readers, which inquired on their purchasing intentions and expectations for Sony’s next-generation console (which from now on we’ll simply call “PS5” in this article, because “Sony’s next-generation console is a mouthful, even if an official name hasn’t been shared yet).

First of all, we get an overview of the 1,416 respondents to the survey.  1,291 of them are male, while only 125 are female.

Three are under ten years old, 267 are in their teens, 313 in their twenties, 413 in their thirties, 337 are in their forties, 82 in their fifties, two in their sixties, and two are over seventy years old.

The first relevant question is about the PS5 feature the respondents have the highest expectations for. Multiple answers were allowed.

As you can see in the diagram below, backward compatibility is the most popular answer, followed by graphics and data loading speed basically neck to neck.

Fourth-ranked is the price, with the variety of games is in fifth place. Sound is ranked sixth, online services are seventh, enhanced VR is eighth, and streaming is ninth. The last bar at the bottom is “Other.”

1,401 users responded to the question about whether they plan to purchase a PS5. 906 (64.7%) responded that they plan to buy the console. 451 (32.2%) answered that they are still undecided, and only 44 (3.1%) are already set on “No.”

Another interesting question is on the preference of purchase method for games. The vast majority (1,002 users of 1,393 respondents, which translates into 71.9%) responded that they prefer physical games. Only 392 voted for digital download.

This should not surprise considering that Japanese core gamers tend to be more fond of physical disks that their western brethren.

Just yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Jim Ryan and Sony Corporation Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro Yoshida provided more information about the company’s plans for the next-generation.

In particular, Ryan appears to agree with the results of this poll and stressed the importance of backward compatibility for the PS5.

[Source: Weekly Famitsu]

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