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Mordhau: How to Play in Third Person

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Mordhau: How to Play in Third Person

Mordhau has burst onto the multiplayer scene in recent weeks, and it has proved immensely popular with fans of melee combat experiences like Ubisoft’s For Honor and Taleworld’s Mount and Blade series. Although Mordhau’s medieval combat is most commonly played in first person, it is not actually restricted to this perspective. Here’s how to play in third person in case you’re unsure.

Playing in Third Person in Mordhau

As we just mentioned, you do not have to play Mordhau in first person if you prefer to see your player avatar. To switch to third person, simply press “P” on your keyboard and the view will instantly shift to behind your character.

You are free to play Mordhau in either perspective across all of its different game modes.

In our experience, although the game’s combat is more immersive and arguably more technical in first person, it is actually a little bit easier in third person. This is because you’re able to benefit from a wider peripheral vision.

Particularly in a team battle or the co-operative mode, you are much more likely to see enemies approaching from your left or right than if you were in first person.

For this reason, the inclusion of the third person mode was actually the subject of some controversy during Mordhau’s early access period, with many players calling for the option to be removed.

For now, though, both perspectives are available in every game server across every mode, and it looks like that is a policy the developers intend to continue with moving forward.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play in third person in Mordhau. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite. We’ll continue our news and guide coverage of the game over the coming weeks.

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