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Final Fantasy VII Concert the Day Before E3 Gets New Trailer

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Concert the Day Before E3 Gets New Trailer

Today Square Enix released a new trailer of the “A Symphonic Reunion” Final Fantasy VII concert happening in less than two weeks.

The concert will be hosted at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on June 9.

It promises music from the game in a “brand new and unseen concert experience”  featuring an “exclusive program” and over 100 musicians on stage.

Besides the intrinsic value of the music experience, which is, of course, exciting on its own, there is potentially more to look forward to.

Square Enix has a history of showing new trailers and providing new information on major games at concerts hosted in Los Angeles just before E3, as it did with Kingdom Hearts III.

Considering that Square Enix’s own E3 presentation is set to air the day after and that we’ve been promised new info coming in June, it’s not at all unlikely that the publisher may drop some sort of tease about the Final Fantasy VII remake to wet our appetite before the show.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the concert’s trailer below, and dream of things to come.

Of course, you should check out the latest reveal of the Final Fantasy VII remake, happened just a few weeks ago.

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