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We Happy Few’s First Story DLC “They Came From Below” Introduces Alien Robots in Launch Trailer

We Happy Few's First Story DLC Introduces Alien Robots in Launch Trailer

We Happy Few’s First Story DLC “They Came From Below” Introduces Alien Robots in Launch Trailer

During Gearbox’s PAX East panel last week, the publisher announced that the first of three DLC drops for We Happy Few would be releasing this week. Well, that DLC, titled “They Came From Below,” is out now and to commemorate its release, Compulsion Games has dropped a new launch trailer with hints at what players can expect.

The trailer starts with the DLC’s two main characters, James and Roger, discovering that Wellington Wells is under attack by robots. Soon after that, our two characters find an underground secret base where they find ray guns, robots, portals and more.

After messing around with the ray gun, James and Roger open a portal that soon gives way to a robots upon robots, mechanical beings they learn are not of their planet. This puts James and Roger on the move to save Wellington Wells from what’s happening down below.

Here’s what Compulsion Games has to say about the DLC:

“In the first piece of handcrafted Season Pass content They Came From Below, NPCs James and Roger return in an all-new We Happy Few story. Wellington Wells stands besieged by a robot uprising, but the mechanized menace isn’t the only thing threatening to tear the pair apart. Play as Roger and team up with your boyfriend James to find Dr. Faraday, explore a vast underground laboratory, and discover the source of the robot invaders before it’s too late!”

You can watch the trailer yourself below:

We Happy Few is an action-adventure game developed by Compulsion Games with dystopian utopia vibes similar to that of Bioshock. It features narrative modes with set storylines, survival modes and a number of other ways to play to keep you coming back to England over and over again. You can check out our review of it here.

For more information about We Happy Few, be sure to check out our We Happy Few Guide Wiki. There, we have tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to get you up to speed before you jump into “They Came From Below.” For news, previews, reviews, guides and more, search Twinfinite for coverage of all of your favorite games.

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