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Dreams Player Working on Recreating Marvel’s Spider-Man Intro


Dreams Player Working on Recreating Marvel’s Spider-Man Intro

Since it released into early access on PS4, we’ve seen a ton of incredible creations from PS4 players who have perfected Dreams’ complex creation system.

Media Molecule’s latest game allows players to create almost anything they wish, from animations to music, to art and games. Throughout its first week of release, we’ve seen how Dreams provides a creative sandbox to PS4 players all over the world, which allows them to exceed expectations again and again.

Recreating media has also become a popular outlet for some players, alongside building new creations. Some creators have remade video game sequences, such as the beloved Kokiri Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and others have even replicated famous artworks such as Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’.

Tamir Williams is one of these many talented creators, and he posted a well-received video of his creation to Twitter yesterday:

“Look familiar to anyone?” Tamir teased.

This recreation of last year’s Spider-Man introduction is uncanny, as his animated puppet swings and wall jumps to mimic the popular hero without fault.

Although the puppet isn’t sporting the expected red and blue spidey suit, it’s clear in the first few moments what Tamir is replicating thanks to their careful animation and timing – and as Tamir says, the creation is a very rough draft and their first animation, yet is still mind-blowing.

Viewing the introductions next to each other shows Tamir’s talent and attention to detail in their creation, as the Dreams recreation uses almost exact timing and camera angles, including details such as the moving traffic below.

Tamir’s Spider-Man intro recreation is just one of many wonderful additions we will likely see as Dreams develops and heads towards its full release.

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