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Respawn Fixes Apex Legends Account Reset Bug Caused by 1.1 Update

Apex Legends

Respawn Fixes Apex Legends Account Reset Bug Caused by 1.1 Update

Apex Legends developer Respawn has fixed a bug that caused players’ accounts to be completely reset caused by the 1.1 update released for the game earlier today.

The issue began when players started reporting that the progress on their accounts had been completely wiped shortly after downloading the 1.1 patch today. That meant all cosmetics earned, all purchases made, and stats were reset as if it were a new account. According to the patch notes, the small update added the ability to join the last squad played with alongside UI changes and bug fixes.

Within the hour of the patch launch, Respawn said it would look into the issue and warned players not to buy or craft anything until it was resolved. Respawn then shut down the servers and applied the fix a few hours after for all platforms. According to Respawn, the issue was caused by the game unintentionally moving players to the wrong servers that did not have their account progress.

“Fortunately, your progress up until the update was still safe and sound,” a Respawn community manager wrote. “We shut down all live servers so we could remove players from the wrong place and roll up the correct servers with your progress. Once we confirmed internally that we had fixed the issue we started rolling out the right servers starting with Xbox and staggered the updates to PS4 and PC.”

The studio wrote that all progress and purchases made in Apex Legends before the 1.1 patch should be restored. That also includes any progress or purchases made between the released patch and the fix, though players who kept playing and did not update their game will not be affected.

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