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Overwatch ‘Overwatch Archives’ Seasonal Event Now Live


Overwatch ‘Overwatch Archives’ Seasonal Event Now Live

The Overwatch Archives seasonal event is now live for Overwatch on all platforms, bringing a new cooperative mission, more skins, and a few balancing changes.

The new cooperative mission is called Storm Rising and follows Genji, Mercy, Tracer, and Winston extracting a high value target in a new map set in Havana, Cuba.

“As thunderclouds gather, four Overwatch operatives pursue the devious financier Maximilien through the streets of Havana,” according to the mission’s webpage. “A clever and reclusive omnic, Maximilien handles finances for the international terrorist organization Talon.”

The Storm Rising mission is a part of what Blizzard is calling Overwatch Archives which includes the previous seasonal events that offered cooperative missions, Retribution and Uprising. Both of the missions are playable during the current event.

The event brings nine new skins and three intros to unlock, while the cosmetics from the previous Archives missions’ events can be earned as well. Check out the official Overwatch event page to see all the new content.

An update alongside the event was also released and changed a few abilities for Junkrat and Reaper. Junkrat’s grenades in his frag launcher will now travel faster, bounce less, and explode sooner.

Meanwhile, Reaper’s Shadow Step ability had its cooldown reduced from seven to six seconds, can be used in the air, and is invisible for “the entire time it takes to exit Shadow Step.”

The Overwatch Archives event begins today and ends on Monday, May 6.

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