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It’s Official, You Can Now Change your PSN Online ID


It’s Official, You Can Now Change your PSN Online ID

No one thought this day would ever come, but it’s finally here. As of today, PSN users will be able to change their online ID.

As was previously announced, the first time you change your ID, the process will be completely free of charge. However, subsequent changes will set you back by $9.99, though PS Plus users do get a 50% discount on that.

In addition to that, old online IDs will always be tied to your account, and you’ll be able to revert to your old usernames by contacting PlayStation Support. This process of reverting your username is free of charge.

At the moment, you can change your PSN ID either through the PS4 console itself, or via Sony’s website. This can be done by accessing the Settings menu on the PS4, choosing Account Management, Account Information, Profile, and Online ID. You’ll then be prompted to key in your new username, and then confirm it.

Sony did mention that you might run into some issues with an ID change, such as leaderboards for certain games not updating properly. But by and large, the PSN ID change shouldn’t make too much of an impact on most games, so you should be able to change without too much concern.

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