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Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata’s Studio’s First Game Announced: “The Pegasus Dream Tour”

The Pegasus Dream Tour

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata’s Studio’s First Game Announced: “The Pegasus Dream Tour”

A while ago, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata left Square Enix to form his own studio JP Games. Today the International Paralympic Committee revealed the studio’s first game, titled “The Pegasus Dream Tour”

The game will appropriately launch in 2020 for “various platforms including smartphones” and it’s part of a strategy to “increase the engagement of the youth market in the Paralympic Games.”

The concept behind the development of the game is “Taking RPG to the next level and creating an abundant future with games.”

The game is a completely new sports RPG where players take part in virtual Paralympic Games held in a fantasy metropolis named Pegasus City. They will awaken special abilities named “Xtra Power” in an “alternate Paralympics world dynamically rendered in ways that only video games can achieve.”

Hajime Tabata himself accompanied the announcement with a comment:

“This is not just an ordinary video game about sports. JP GAMES is going to represent fully the wonders that are unique to Paralympic sports in this brand-new role-playing game – a genre we excel in.

“With this video game, we want to contribute to the future growth of the Paralympic Games, not just as a sporting event, but as entertainment as well, with contents that we hope will have lasting value in the future.”

A second comment was shared by International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons:

“Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, we are eager to explore innovative ways to engage with new and younger global audiences. We believe this game will help boost interest in the Paralympic Games and make it easier for people all over the world to enjoy and experience the heated atmosphere, passion and excitement of the event.”

“The sport at the Paralympics is outstanding and helps transform attitudes towards persons with disabilities like no other event. I am really excited to see and play this game and see how the outstanding abilities of Para athletes are represented.”

Source: International Paralympic Committee

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