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Don’t Expect Any God of War DLC Anytime Soon (or Ever)

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Don’t Expect Any God of War DLC Anytime Soon (or Ever)

Santa Monica Studios already celebrated the encroaching first birthday of God of War with a trailer, as well as profile avatars and a dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4. However, if gamers are expecting the age-old tradition of DLC joining in on the anniversary celebrations, have I some bad news for them.

Yesterday, Barlog reweeted an article from Push Square on the aforementioned freebies. He also added an innocuous emoji to his tweet, but some gamers apparently took the little addition as a sign we are about to get more God of War goodness, specifically in the form of DLC. Barlog was quick to squash that theory.

Apparently, God of War is going to stick to its guns (or magical flying axes) and be one of the few modern video games to stay away from DLC. No new quests, locations, enemies, character skins, armor, or shields —just good old “what you see is what you get.” I guess we can finally put those pesky rumors to the contrary to rest.

However, Barlog’s adamant answer doesn’t quite tell us what he is planning. Maybe we’re reading too much into things, or maybe he’s planning to introduce a free update for God of War. After all, an update is distinctly different from DLC.

We will keep our ears to the ground for any news on the upcoming adventures of Kratos and Atreus. Perhaps something will pop up when God of War turns one year old on April 20th.

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