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Dead or Alive 6 Shipped 350,000 Copies; Koei Tecmo Aim to Focus on Quality and to Create New IP

Dead Or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 Shipped 350,000 Copies; Koei Tecmo Aim to Focus on Quality and to Create New IP

Today Koei Tecmo announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended on March 31, providing more information about the performance of its games and plans for the future.

First of all, we learn that Dead or Alive 6 shipped 350,000 copies as of the end of the fiscal year. While no new numbers have been provided about the free Core Fighters version, Producer Yohei Shimbori mentioned a few days ago that it was at 500,000 downloads by March.

On the other hand, Warriors Orochi 4 saw steady sales and reached 700,000 unit shipped across all platforms. NiOh saw steady sales as well, despite its age, that being said, the number remains the “over 2.5 million units worldwide” that we already know.

Lastly, sales in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia in collaboration with Square Enix have been boosted by the anniversary celebration.

Looking at the outlook for the current fiscal year (ending on March 31, 2020), Koei Tecmo expects the home video game market to shift further due to the increase in popularity of digital distribution, and the online game market is expected to gradually expand globally. The same goes with eSport.

In accordance with Koei Tecmo’s plans to become the “world number one entertainment content provider,” the company wants to focus on a product concept based on “Quality and Satisfaction.” This means providing high customer satisfaction thanks to high-quality releases while continuing to achieve growth and profitability centered on IP.

KT plans to actively invest in the development of major games. In January 2020, they are opening a new office in the Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama. Centered in that new base of operations they intend to create new and original IP for worldwide release, while also developing entertainment for various fields like eSports and live events.

Below you can find a table with the financial results for the fiscal year. All relevant figures for the company as a whole were positive and improving since the past year. The Entertainment business, which includes games, saw a small decrease in sales, but an increase in operating income.

Koei Tecmo

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