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Check out This Absolutely Bonkers Life-Size Crash Bandicoot Replica of Unparalleled Fuzziness

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Check out This Absolutely Bonkers Life-Size Crash Bandicoot Replica of Unparalleled Fuzziness

If you ever wanted to see how big (and fuzzy) Crash Bandicoot or a Pokemon would look in real life, now’s your chance thanks to a talented freelance artist.

Nazegoreng is a prolific DeviantArt creator who specializes in plushies, all of which are commissioned. You want something unique and fluffy to decorate your room? She’s your woman. From Australia.

Nazegoreng’s latest and possibly greatest creation is the life-size rendition of everyone’s favorite video game mascot from down under: Crash Bandicoot. This five-foot monstrosity is made of EVA foam, PVC piping, faux fur, silicone, “various other parts,” and over seven hundred hours of Nazegoreng’s time.

To commemorate what was probably her toughest job ever, Nazegoreng posted a video that demonstrates just how big and fluffy this behemoth of video game memorabilia is. This oversized plush looks as cuddly and crazy as the original digital version —well, the N. Sane Trilogy version, at least. It might not be able to duplicate the Crash Dance, but its eyebrows can wiggle. and its tongue can jiggle.

Some of Nazegoreng’s most frequent commissions are of pastel ponies inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She makes lots and lots of ponies, from cuddle-sized to life-sized, from the Mane Six to original character (OC) ponies. And, Nazegoreng has occasionally dipped her toes into crossover territory. If you ever ever wanted to know what Freddy Krueger would look like as a pony, you can now thanks to Nazegoreng.

While ponies are some of her most popular productions, Nazegoreng has been commissioned to create plush video game characters. Nazegoreng has worked on various Spyro character commissions, as well as recreations of characters such as Ratchet, Sans, and even a scarily faithful Trico. However, clients tend to ask for Pokemon plushies, especially shiny Pokemon.

Much like the ponies, Nazegoreng’s Pokemon plushies come in a variety of sizes, including life-size. If you thought Build-a-Bear’s talking pajama-wearing Charmander was cute, wait until you get a load of Nazegoreng’s life-size Charmander.

Since each of Nazegoreng’s pieces of work is commissioned, they’re all hella intricate and even more hella expensive. We’re talking an 800 Australian dollar minimum for a 16-19″ pony plush and at least 1500 Australian dollars for a 16-18″ non-pony plush, and that’s not including postage. Whoever commissioned that 5′ Crash Bandicoot probably spent a small fortune.

Each of Nazegoreng’s plushies is a labor of time and love, so even if you have the cash to purchase one, she might be swamped with other commissions. Just keep at it and pay close attention to her page, and if you play your cards right, you might find yourself the proud owner of a unique plushie.

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