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Apex Legends Update Offers Legend Balancing and Bonus XP Event

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Apex Legends Update Offers Legend Balancing and Bonus XP Event

Respawn Entertainment revealed and explained some of the changes coming in the 1.1.1 patch for Apex Legends today, as well as offering the game’s first bonus XP event for Battle Pass holders.

The new update balances a few of the larger characters after players were concerned that the smaller characters were at an advantage due to smaller hitboxes, and therefore harder to hit. Gibraltar and Caustic received hitbox adjustments in a previous update, but Respawn is further boosting them to be more resilient in battle.

Both characters will be receiving a new passive perk called Fortified, which reduces damage taken by 10%. Gas damage per tick and ultimate throw distance has been increased for Caustic, while Gibraltar has had his gun shield health increased slightly.

Weapons have also received balancing with the sniper category becoming more viable against the speed and evasiveness of players. All snipers now have lowered leg shot damage reduction and reduced base weapon sway and speed, though the Longbow DMR also received an increased fire rate and base/extended magazine size.

The Wingman pistol received further nerfs with a reduced magazine size alongside the Spitfire large machine gun. Some of the golden weapons that rarely spawn have had their attachments changed, such as the gold Havoc coming with Turbocharger attachment and the gold R-301 switching to a 1x-2x variable holo sight.

Apex Legends is also holding its first bonus XP event starting today, but works a little differently than other games. Players will be granted one full Battle Pass level for earning the first Top Five, squad reaching fifth or better, in a match per day.

The event begins today and ends at 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, so it is possible to earn a bonus of three levels for the Battle Pass. Respawn said it would also be “finding other moments during the season” for more bonus XP events.

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