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The Forgotten City Officially Announced for the Xbox One


The Forgotten City Officially Announced for the Xbox One

Last year, indie game studio Modern Storyteller revealed that The Forgotten City, the award-winning Skyrim mod, would be remade into a standalone title for the PC, also called The Forgotten City. While the game was originally announced as a PC exclusive, a lot can change in a year, because The Forgotten City remake will also release on the Xbox One, something that wasn’t originally planned for the little indie title.

In case you’ve forgotten since last year’s reveal (or never experienced the original mod), The Forgotten City revolves around the escapades of an explorer as they wander an ancient Roman city populated by golden statues —except they aren’t statues but the population of the city, punished for the crime of one person.

While the game focuses on the mystery of who committed the crime and what that crime was, it also weaves in a bit of time travel that lets players explore the city the day before everyone turned to gold. Part Groundhog Day and part Clue, players have to interrogate the city’s residents, discover whodunnit, and rewrite history by preventing the crime, all while repeating the same day over and over again until they get it right.

As a standalone game, The Forgotten City remakes the original mod from the ground up with Unreal Engine 4. The game will include new voice acting and facial motion capture, new and returning characters, and plenty of twists and endings that will give gamers who played the original mod a fresh experience.

On a side note, if you are lucky enough to visit PAX East in Boston this month (March 28-31), you can play a hands-on demo of The Forgotten City at booth 13121.

The Forgotten City will launch later this year simultaneously on PC via Steam and the Xbox One. No word on whether or not a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch version will ever become available, but since the game was originally designed without a console release in mind, anything can happen.

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