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Riot Shows off Skins for Upcoming League of Legends Cats vs. Dogs Event

League of Legends' Pug'Maw

Riot Shows off Skins for Upcoming League of Legends Cats vs. Dogs Event

In a tweet earlier today, Riot revealed four skins that are launching for the upcoming League of Legends Versus event: Cats vs. Dogs.

Carlos Giffoni, head of Riot’s beloved skins team, said in this year’s Skins Roadmap video, “[Skins for this year’s Versus event] won’t be the usual ‘legendary vs. legendary edgelord’ skins,” such as those from the recent God-King Garen vs. God-King Darius event.

Boy, was he right—the four previewed skins are adorable and poised to be a massive hit based on social media reception so far. The skins are:

  • Pretty Kitty Rengar of Team Cat, who recalls into a small box
  • Fuzz Fizz of Team Dog, who throws a tennis ball instead of a fish and uses a husky instead of a shark
  • Meowrick (Yorick, not Warwick) of Team Cat, who uses a circle of cat plushies instead of his normal “cage”
  • Corgi Corki of Team Dog, who rides a corgi and launches chew-toy missiles

This is the third time that skins like these have been put out. If you’ve played League of Legends for a while now, you’ve probably seen the Meowkai and Pug’Maw skins—both came from April Fool’s Day events.

While no date has been confirmed for the Cats vs. Dogs event, know that it’s coming soon and pet lovers should be excited!

In other news, the Kayle and Morgana reworks are set to ship any time now. Riot currently has in-game missions running that involve both champions, so look out for those soon!

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