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One Piece World Seeker: Where to Find Jeanne

One Piece: World Seeker, Where to Find Jeanne

One Piece World Seeker: Where to Find Jeanne

Where to Find Jeanne in One Piece World Seeker

While One Piece: World Seeker typically gives you a good idea of where to go for quests, some can leave you without a clue as to where to go next. That’s why we’re here to help with a few in particular that task you with figuring out where to find Jeanne.

At specific points in the main story, Jeanne will disappear and leave the player to figure out where she is. While this may sound simple enough on paper, the area the game gives you to find her in encompasses the majority of the game’s map.

While this may be discouraging at first, finding her is fairly simple so long as you pay attention to the main story and its dialogue.

How to Figure Out Where She is

During the Ghost’s Identity side mission, Jeanne is found at her mother’s grave in the Graveyard area. While talking to her, the player learns that she goes there frequently to speak with her and clear her doubts about what actions to take next.

This acts as a hint for where Jeanne goes to in both instances where you have to find her. As such, you’ll need to go to the Graveyard at both points when the game prompts you to find Jeanne.

Once there, use Observation Haki to scan the area by holding L1 and pressing R1. This should highlight her as green, showing that she is sitting in front of her mother’s grave.

Fortunately, you’ll only have to do this twice, so after you’ve completed both missions you don’t need to worry about repeating the process again.

Hopefully this cleared up where to find Jeanne. For more on One Piece: World Seeker, check out our wiki guide for tips, tricks and info. Likewise, check out our review to see whether the game does justice by its source material.

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