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One Piece World Seeker Guide Wiki

One Piece World Seeker Guides, Tips, Tricks & More

One Piece World Seeker is the first game in the series based on the anime and manga that has featured an open world environment. You play as Monkey D. Luffy, exploring the tropical Jail Island.

To ensure that you make the most of your time in One Piece World Seeker’s world, we’ve compiled this guide wiki. It’s complete with guides on general information through to specific guides on the combat. Here’s all the information you need.

  • Release Date: March 15, 2019
  • Developer: Ganbarion
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

General Info on One Piece World Seeker

This is where you’ll find general information on One Piece World Seeker, such as our review and its PS4 Pro and Xbox One X compatibility .

The Basics

Here are all our basic tips for the game that will help you as you start up. Come back here if you’ll struggling with the basics of combat or how to get around the world.

Tips and Tricks

For deeper tips on how to be successful in combat and some tricks to make the most of the time you spend, check out this section.

One Piece World Seeker Main Mission Guides

If you’re struggling with particular sections of Main Missions in the game, we might have walkthroughs or tips for you here. If you’re stuck somewhere we haven’t covered yet, shout it out in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

Side Missions

There are a lots of side mission in One Piece World Seeker and some of them are pretty tricky. Here are some tips on particularly tough moments.

Costumes and Collectibles in One Piece World Seeker

You can change the costumes that Monkey D. Luffy wears, and there are loads of collectibles to find. Below will be some guides on how to change appearance and where to find a lot of the collectibles.

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