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PS4 Exclusive Judgment by Yakuza Developers Gets Western Release Date

Judgment, Project Judge

PS4 Exclusive Judgment by Yakuza Developers Gets Western Release Date

Today Sega announced the western release date of its upcoming action-adventure Judgment.

The game will be released in North America and Europe on June 25 exclusively for PS4, while those who pre-order the game in digital form digital will be able to start playing on June 21 thanks to four-day early access.

On top of that, we learn that digital pre-orders will be available Thursday, March 7, at 6:00 am PST. More news will also come on the same day.

If you’re not familiar with the name, you may have heard it called Judge Eyes (its Japanese title) or with its work-in-progress title Project Judge. It was developed by the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, which is responsible from the Yakuza series.

In fact, the game shares the setting with the Yakuza franchise, unleashing the player as a private eye in the fictional Tokyo district of Kamurocho, which is a reproduction of the real one named Kabukicho in Shinjuku.

The physical edition of the game won’t have the early access but will include a reversible cover with the Japanese box art featured as an alternative and a Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio sticker.

You can also watch a trailer showcasing the western localization (with English voice acting in addition to the Japanese one), and the original announcement of the western version.

If you want to see more about Judgment, you can also check out some screenshots showing the smartphone’s apps and Yagami’s office, the opening cutscene, and the full version of the theme song.

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