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Gearbox Unveils Tiny Build’s New Game Pathologic 2


Gearbox Unveils Tiny Build’s New Game Pathologic 2

Gearbox Software officially revealed Pathologic 2, an erie horror title from Tiny Build with a metric ton of unnerving imagery and themes.

Unveiled via a traser trailer during Gearbox’s Pax East press conference, the game is set in a town beset by a plague and madness. Adults appear to be scant or non-existent in the city, with a child narrating the teaser and children making up the bulk of the plague’s survivors.

As one such survivor, players must make their way through the ravaged town, saving who they can and working to find a way to safety within the 12 day time frame allowed to them.

This is easier said than done though, as many of the other survivors have fallen to madness and won’t be so inclined to let you leave.

It’s an unnerving and uncomfortable premise to say the least, but one which lends itself perfectly to horror.

The full reveal trailer can be found below.

Pathologic is set for release on May 23, 2019 for PC.

Pathologic 2 is only one of several announcements to come out of Gearbox’s Pax East presentation. For all of the latest news and info, stay tuned to

Likewise, if you want to see the full presentation, you can check out the archived stream here.

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