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Dead Cells Rise of the Giant Free DLC Adds More Content Today

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Rise of the Giant Free DLC Adds More Content Today

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin released a new update today for the game adding more levels, enemies, weapons and other features for free on PC.

The Rise of the Giant downloadable content introduces a new level called Cavern which is filled with traps and lava pools. There is also a new boss called the Giant taking place after completing the new level.

The update adds 10 new enemy types, 10 weapons, three skills with one involving a flying pet, and a new skin system boasting over 50 outfits earned by playing through the game. Besides a whole list of changes and fixes outlined in the patch notes, there is a hidden level containing a new ending to the story.

Developer Motion Twin also talked about plans for upcoming content for Dead Cells, as well as what the studio is working on next. Motion Twin said it would be building new monsters and “try and figure out” an insane mode for the game. The developer plans to continue to support the game for the indefinite future.

“We’re going to keep adding content to the game for as long as it makes sense to do so, that’s to say, for as long as enough people keep buying and playing the game to support the development costs and make us some more money for our next game,” Motion Twin said.

The studio said with confidence there will be a next game, but currently “have no idea” on what it will be and are building demos while having discussions on the matter.

The Rise of the Giant update for Dead Cells is now available for free on Steam for PC with the GOG version shortly to follow and consoles within the next few weeks.

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