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Capcom’s April Fool Joke is a Street Fighter V Shoot ’em Up Game Starring G

Street Fighter V

Capcom’s April Fool Joke is a Street Fighter V Shoot ’em Up Game Starring G

Some of the best April Fool pranks are those you can actually enjoy with some sort of game or minigame, and Capcom delivered exactly that today, with a Street Fighter V-themed joke.

They launched a web game that is basically a shoot ’em up starring the recently-introduced character G. You can find it here.

The gameplay is your basic shoot ’em up with different power-ups that will change the shape and intensity of your attacks, and other Street Fighter characters as stage bosses.

It’s actually quite enjoyable and addictive, and fans of the series will love the fact that the bosses will attack you with their signature moves. That being said, I’m having trouble avoiding Sagat’s Tiger when he moves sideways…

The controls are quite simple, and all you have to do is to move sideways to avoid enemies, while you’ll shoot automatically. You can also activate the usual smart bomb to clear the area if you’re in a pinch.

Since the game isn’t going to be online forever, you can find some screenshots below for the posterity. You should probably give it a try for yourself, though. G’s Chunibyo-like lines are really funny.

If you’re unfamiliar with Street Fighter V, you can check out our review, even if the game has changed a whole lot since then.

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