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Beat Saber’s First Music Pack Release Date Confirmed

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Beat Saber’s First Music Pack Release Date Confirmed

New songs will be added to Beat Saber on all VR platforms this month with the release of its first Music Pack.

Last week, Beat Saber’s developer confirmed that the Music Pack was close to release, tweeting, “Another milestone in the Music Pack development for PS VR has been reached and we’re almost ready to go! Now, our priority is to finish the development for PC and prepare everything for the release. Excited!”

Today, they have confirmed that the Music Pack will arrive on March 14, and a tweet from PlayStation Europe confirms that it will be coming to PlayStation VR at the same time as PC headsets, which will bolster a track list that’s already lacking custom songs.

Beat Saber’s Music Pack will come alongside a reworking of the game’s menus, which will allow you to easily browse the game’s additional OSTs and Music Packs. It looks like it’ll allow you to easily switch between songs, difficulties, and modifiers from one screen.

Beat Games didn’t say what songs will be added with the first Music Pack, but they’re asking you to speculate about who they’re working with over on their Twitter.

It will be the game’s first paid DLC pack, but it’s not clear how much it’ll cost on either system.

Beat Saber‘s first Music Pack will come to PSVR and PC VR systems on March 14.

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