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Touhou Luna Nights Gets New Gameplay Trailer Teasing End of Early Access

Touhou Luna Nights

Touhou Luna Nights Gets New Gameplay Trailer Teasing End of Early Access

Today Team Ladybug released a new trailer of its adorable 2D pixel art Metroidvania game Touhou Luna Nights.

The trailer shows plenty of gameplay and teases the end of the early access for the game, which will happen on February 26 with a brand new update.

The game is currently still available in early access on Steam for $11.99/€9,99. It enjoys “overwhelmingly positive” reviews from the users of the platform. That’s certainly a nice sendoff as Luna Nights prepares to leave early access.

After early access ends, the price will be changed to $17.99.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it features the popular doujin series Touhou, and you can read an official description below.


“–Now, let’s begin my world.”

The vampire from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, “Remilia Scarlet,”
suddenly sends her maid, “Sakuya Izayoi” to a parallel universe
similar to Gensokyo.

A strange world, strange youkai, and unable to use the power to manipulate time.
What is Remilia up to……?

What’s special about this game

  • Time stop system from character’s Ability and Gimmick maps that use special abilities like time stop.
  • Graphics that bring out the appeal of Touhou world, such as attractive dot Graphics.

You can watch the trailer below, and check out Touhou Luna Nights’ fast and interesting gameplay and its lovely pixel art visuals.

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