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Star Citizen Video Shows Coruscant-Like Planet as Crowdfunding Passes 216 Million Dollars

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Video Shows Coruscant-Like Planet as Crowdfunding Passes 216 Million Dollars

Today Cloud Imperium Games published a new video about its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen.

This time around, we get a look at several elements in development starting with thruster effects that will showcase the effect of damage when our ships are hit by enemy fire.

We also get to take a look at the work-in-progress ships Origin 890 Jump, and Anvil Carrack, which are respectively a superyacht for the super rich and a popular exploration ship.

After a glimpse at some new weapons, the most relevant feature of the video is a new look at Arccorp, the new planet that will be implemented in the upcoming alpha 3.5 to be released in March.

The planet has been likened to Star Wars’ Coruscant because its massive surface is entirely covered by man-made structures.

The development team is also taking a very welcome look at the no-fly zone mechanic in order to let players actually fly between those skyscrapers without being in constant fear of instant destruction (unless you actually hit the buildings, I guess, but you can’t blame the game for that).

In the meanwhile, the crowdfunding budget for Star Citizen has passed another milestone, and it’s now sitting at $216,141,981, with 2,235,582 registered players.

Before you watch the video below, do keep in mind for the sake of full disclosure that the author of this video is one of those backers.

If you want to read some personal insight on why so many support the game with so much of their hard-earned money, you can check out my extensive article on the topic and see some raw gameplay and screenshots. You can also check out a recent video showing the female characters that will also come in 3.5.

We also recently learned that the single-player campaign Squadron 42 will enter beta in Q2 2020.

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