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Pokemon GO Players Can Soon Call Mulligan on Their Teams


Pokemon GO Players Can Soon Call Mulligan on Their Teams

Picking allegiances is difficult in many games, especially when the choice colors players’ PvP experiences. While trainers were previously stuck with their team choice in Pokemon GO, Niantic is about to give them a second chance. For a price, of course.

Earlier today, Niantic announced the Team Change option. Starting Febuary 26th, players can purchase a Team Medallion to switch teams for the not-low price of 1,000 PokeCoins. As with all other Pokemon GO cash shop purchases, players can either grind out the coins by conquering Gyms or by purchasing the coins outright for approximately 100 coins to the dollar.

While this news is a boon for gamers who aren’t on the same team as their friends, the Team Medallion is not without a caveat. Players can’t purchase a truckload of medallions; they are a one per customer per year deal, so anyone who wants to use the Team Medallion needs to be sure they want to change teams and doubly sure of the team they want to join.

Moreover, trainers can’t use the medallion to game the PvP system. Any Pokemon currently defending a Gym are immediately returned to their owner without any earned PokeCoins. Such is the price of loyalty.

Trainers have been asking Niantic for the option to swap teams ever since teams were introduced to Pokemon GO, so odds are good a lot of gamers will purchase the Team Medallion. However, only time will tell if the item will shift the power balance or if the status quo will be maintained but with different colors.

Will you take advantage of the Team Change option, or will you stick with the team you originally picked?

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