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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Resources Fast

Far Cry New Dawn, Resources, Fast

Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Resources Fast

How to Get Resources Fast in Far Cry New Dawn

Resources are the lifeblood that keeps both players and their hub town of Prosperity running smoothly in Far Cry New Dawn, but as a result, they can run out in the blink of an eye. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on how to get resources fast in Far Cry New Dawn.

Found littered across the post-apocalyptic Hope County, resources are needed for a variety of things from currency for trading to materials for upgrading facilities and weapons.

As such, it’s always best to have as many resources on hand as possible in Far Cry New Dawn.

Initially, this will lead most players to think they’ll have to constantly go out into the wilds to kill enemies and take out enemy bases, scavenging the scant materials left behind once you survive the skirmish.

However, there are some ways to rake in resources much more quickly.

One is to take part in the game’s optional Expeditions, which see the player travel to locations outside of Hope County to gather resources from the wreckage of the United States.

These are unlocked after upgrading Prosperity’s Expeditions facility at least once, with more profitable expeditions available the more you upgrade the facility.

Most expeditions are fairly straight forward too, requiring you to attack an enemy base, secure a package and then reach an extraction helicopter to make your escape.

The other method is to complete treasure hunts, which task you with completing minigames to acquire keys to unlock resource stashes littered across Hope County.

These hunts can be triggered by speaking to NPC with a Green diamond above their head, and while the challenge in finding each stash varies, most should be easy enough to complete and provide players with more than enough resources for their efforts.

An NPC is usually available in Prosperity to give you a treasure hunt, but other NPCs privy to stash locations can be found throughout the world and keep you flush with materials for trading and upgrading.

Complete as many of these tasks as often as possible and you’ll have no problems keeping yourself well stocked with resources.

Hopefully, that gives you a few tips on how to get resources fast in Far Cry New Dawn. Check out our Far Cry New Dawn guide wiki for everything you could need to know during your playthrough of the title.

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