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SteamWorld Quest, a Fantasy Deck-Building RPG, Is Coming First to Switch This Year

steamworld quest

SteamWorld Quest, a Fantasy Deck-Building RPG, Is Coming First to Switch This Year

Announced during Nintendo’s indie highlights video earlier today, Image & Form Games will be bringing their new fantasy role-playing deck-building game to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. In SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, you will be leading a team of hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired heroes through intense turn-based battles by using the 100+ punch-cards available to you.

Image & Form Games have released a debut trailer for their fantasy game, which you can check out below, as well as some shiny screenshots showcasing these robots taking part in battles.

Here’s the elevator pitch that comes from the games official site: ” SteamWorld Quest is the roleplaying card game you’ve been waiting for! Lead a party of aspiring heroes through a beautifully hand-drawn world and intense battles using only your wits and a handful of cards.

Take on whatever threat comes your way by crafting your own deck choosing from over 100 unique punch-cards! What awaits you is a luscious treasure chest filled with gold, dragons, vivid worlds, magic, knights in shining armor as well as XP, turn-based battles and all that good RPG stuff!

The game’s humorous mix of traditional fantasy and steampunk robots makes for an unforgettable experience with lots of laughs.”

SteamWorld Quest seems to be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, so expect Image & Forms to announce a release on other platforms once the game launches sometime in 2019.

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