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PS4 Gets Free Ace Combat 7 and Sword Art Online Themes

Ace Combat 7 PS4 Theme

PS4 Gets Free Ace Combat 7 and Sword Art Online Themes

If you’re looking for new ways to decorate your PS4 dashboard, today two new themes have been released on the Japanese PSN.

The first is dedicated to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unlknown, which has just been released in Japan and will come tomorrow in the west. You can download it here.

The second one is dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Sword Art Online franchise and features some lovely illustrations, some of which feature the latest game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. If you want this one, it can be downloaded here.

Both themes are completely free and they include custom soundtracks, sound effects, and icons. They’re actually pretty nice, and the Sword Art Online theme has several illustrations in a rotation.

You need a Japanese PSN account to download and install the themes, but after that, you can use them with any account as long as the PS4 is set as primary in the options.

You can check out a few pictures from the themes in the gallery below, and see if they’re worth the download. If you’re interested in PS4 theme, you can also enjoy another dedicated to The Last of Us: Part II, which was released during the Holidays.

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