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Metro Exodus’ Handgun Class Trailer Displays the Customization System’s Transformative Capabilities

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Metro Exodus’ Handgun Class Trailer Displays the Customization System’s Transformative Capabilities

Metro Exodus’ latest trailer, Handgun Class, features the revolver and the iconic bastard gun. While veterans of the Metro franchise should easily recognize these guns, the trailer focuses on a customization system that makes the weapons all but unrecognizable.

In the trailer, the revolver starts as a versatile weapon that is brought down by its reload speed and six-bullet cylinder. It’s reliable, but the revolver isn’t exactly built to handle enemies who overwhelm players with sheer numbers.

Thanks to Metro Exodus’ customization system, though, players who want to pick off swarming opponents at a distance don’t need a sniper rifle. Instead, gamers can attach a sniper stock, a 4x scope, and a long barrel to a revolver, and bam, they’ve got themselves a makeshift, not-quite hunting rifle that still somehow counts as a handgun.

Since Metro Exodus’ customization system can transform the revolver so thoroughly, you probably wonder if the bastard gun is equally modable. According to the trailer, players can also tune the bastard gun to fit a variety of playstyles.

While the bastard gun is a decent submachine gun, Metro Exodus’ customization system can convert it into a full-on heavy assault weapon. Players who prefer to spray and pray can swap out the bastard gun’s magazine for a giant box of bullets, attach a closed reflex sight, and slap on a heavy barrel. With these modifications, players essentially take the “sub” out of submachine gun and receive a handheld death machine that can clear a room full of enemies in a matter of seconds.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Metro Exodus will feature a plethora of weapons and modification, and players can mix and match these options to fit any playstyle. All they have to do is experiment.

Metro Exodus will launch February 15th for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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