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5 Things to Do After Beating Kingdom Hearts 3 (End Game & Post Game)


5 Things to Do After Beating Kingdom Hearts 3 (End Game & Post Game)

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a massive game, and even the post game content features tons of other optional things you can do. Here are five things you can do after beating Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Post Game and End Game

Mop Up the Lucky Emblems

Lucky Emblems make up the bulk of collectibles in Kingdom Hearts 3, and there are 90 in total to find scattered across every world. All of these have to be photographed with Sora’s Gummiphone, and most of them are smartly hidden in the environment.

There are a few reasons to find all the emblems, with the primary reason being they’re the only way of unlocking Kingdom Hearts 3’s secret ending. Depending on the difficulty you’re playing on you’ll need to find more of them; on Easy you’ll need all 90, on Standard you can afford to miss some, and on Proud you can miss even more.

There are other incentives, of course. You’ll periodically get rewards for finding emblems, like synthesis materials and accessories. At 80 emblems you get a piece of Orichalcum, one of the seven needed to forge Ultima Weapon.

As a final reason, one of the game’s trophies/achievements is tied to finding every Lucky Emblem, so if you’re looking to 100 percent Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s one of the main things you’ll need to do.

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