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Capcom Teases the Resident Evil 2 Safe House

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Capcom Teases the Resident Evil 2 Safe House

We’ve been waiting for the Resident Evil 2 remake since 2002, and Capcom is milking our anticipation for all it’s worth. That’s hardly a bad thing since we’re getting the Resident Evil 2 Safe House, as well.

We know very little about the Resident Evil 2 Safe House, except that it takes place in London. The teaser video gives some backstory, but that’s it. Zombies have overrun the streets of Raccoon City, i.e., the fictional city that serves as the setting of Resident Evil 2, and the only safe place is the Raccoon City Police Department’s safe house. Spoiler for anyone who never played the game: it isn’t safe at all.

Of course, the characters in the game don’t know the police department is crawling with as many zombies (and worse) as the city streets, so civilians will head there anyway, especially since the video promises an antidote for the zombie-causing t-Virus. Who wouldn’t want a zombie-plague antidote? That’s basically half the premise of Capcom’s other zombie-themed franchise, Dead Rising.

So, with the false promise of safety from zombies and the zombie virus, we are left with one question: just what is the Resident Evil 2 Safe House? One popular theory is it will let participants play the game’s demo. Another popular suggestion is the Safe House will be an escape room-type event. Personally, I’m rooting for the escape room. I’ve been to several escape rooms and enjoyed every single one of them, but then again, your personal experience is completely dependent on your puzzle-solving skills and that your friends.

Regrettably, we don’t know when the Resident Evil 2 Safe House event will take place, which is a shame since Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still, we will keep our eyes peeled for any developments on the Safe House.

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