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Best Waifu and Best Husbando 2018 Awards: Primrose Azelhart and Kazuma Kiryu

Twinfinite Best Waifu Best Husbando 2018

Best Waifu and Best Husbando 2018 Awards: Primrose Azelhart and Kazuma Kiryu

Over the past few days, you have voted to answer the most important questions of 2018: Who is the best waifu and who is the best husbando in gaming?

The first day of 2019 is the perfect time to reveal the solution to this complex conundrum. So without further ado, here are your most dreamy protagonists.

Drum roll…

Best Husbando 2018

Runner-up: Kratos (God of War)

Kratos was a front-runner of the competition from the very start and he was just an inch short of taking the top. Yet, his newfound feelings and status as the Dad of War inflated his charisma well beyond his divine muscles.

With his grumpy attitude and rare but precious tenderness, he could be defined as the ultimate tsundere.

Best Waifu 2018

Runner-up: Kai Schulen (Valkyria Chronicles 4)

In the Valkyria Chronicles series, ladies with a sniper rifle tend to have a rather irresistible charm. Initially seen as the perfect successor to Marina Wulfstan, Kai quickly earned her own personal place among the fan-favorite characters of the franchise.

She is beautiful and cool, but don’t cross her, because she won’t hesitate to reshape your jaw.

Best Husbando 2018

Winner: Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2)

Few characters are as charming as Kazuma Kiryu. He balances perfectly his image as the ultimate tough guy with a heart as big as his stomach without feeling cheesy (most of the times). It’s the boyfriend and big brother every gamer would like to have.

He can do everything: from darts to fishing, baseball coaching, batting, golf, pool, bowling, video games, gambling, gravure photography, hosting, hostess club managing, styling, mini-4WD racing, cat-sitting, dog-sitting, babysitting, and so much more. Just don’t put him in front of a computer. This hunky dude’s as old-school as they come.

Best Waifu 2018

Primrose Azelhart (Octopath Traveler)

Primrose may be designed with just a few pixels, but she didn’t need much more to charm armies of gamers. While she is able to draw the eye with an enticing dance and a sexy smile, don’t underestimate her, because the fire of her vengeance burns ever deeper and hotter.

Beautiful and deadly, Primrose Azelhart is true to her name, a flower with sharp thorns.

Thank you so much, everyone, for voting, and see you in 2019!

If you’d like another chance to express your opinion, you can still vote for your Most Anticipated Game of 2019. You can also check out what our readers voted as their Game of the Year 2018.

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