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50 Best Sims 4 Mods of 2018 You Absolutely Can’t Miss


50 Best Sims 4 Mods of 2018 You Absolutely Can’t Miss

We’re finished with 2018 and as fans of The Sims 4, it’s time to look back at the best Sims 4 mods from 2018!

If you’re interested in checking out our constantly updated mega post with over 150 Sims 4 mods, click on over there. You can also check out specifics with Sims 3 mods, and Sims 2 mods. Or maybe Sims 4 Vampires and Toddlers mods? How about Sims 4 Custom Content for Maxis Match, or Realistic styles?

Otherwise, read on for the top of the top for specifically the last year.

Best Sims 4 Mods of 2018

Adding Mermaids

mermaid, mod, sims 4

We’re starting off the list with arguably one of the best Sims 4 mods of the year, allowing you to have mermaids in your game with tons of new inclusions.

To become a mermaid, you first have to buy the “The Queen of the Mermaids” statue in the building menu and place it on a lot. Your sim can then interact with it to “Remember the ‘Queen’s’ legend”, and then one of two things will happen.

Either they will fail and feel like the story is boring, giving them a negative buff for 24 hours which makes it so you can’t try again until after it goes away. Or they will succeed, causing them to pass out, glow, and wake up with scaled legs as a mermaid.

Mermaids have the ability to change the color of their scales, sing a “Sirens song” that effects non-mermaid sims and increases the singing skill, and maintain a new Hydration need that replaces Hygiene. They can fill it by swimming in a pool, having a bath/shower, going on a water slide, or really any water-based activity.

If you don’t allow your mermaid sim to have water for too long, they will become dehydrated and can die.

Mermaids are also natural smooth talkers, and have a more whimsical speaking voice than normal sims to match their singing.

Wish-Granting Genies

genie, sims 4, mod

This huge mod allows you to play with genies for the first time in The Sims 4. Genies have been seen in the series before, including in The Sims 2: FreeTime, The Sims 2 for console, and as a NPC and playable character Sims 3: Showtime.

Once installed, a new item called the Ancient Dusty Lamp will appear in the Buy Mode and purchasing it will allow your sim to inspect or rub the lamp to reveal a special genie sim, complete with a floating body.

The genie will then stay on your lot for five hours, and rubbing the lamp can bring her right back. Only the sim who rubbed the lamp can be her master and receive wishes, and only one sim can rub the lamp once every two days.

Once summoned, the genie can summon food and magically clean sims, and seven wishes are offered to the player, including:

  • Wish for happiness.
  • Wish for wealth.
  • Wish for world peace.
  • Wish for world misery.
  • Wish for romance.
  • Wish for youth (only adult and elder sims).
  • Wish for genie’s freedom. The genie will be freed from the lamp, gain her legs, and slowly change in appearance back to a sim.

Each wish, excusing the genie’s freedom, will grant you either a positive or negative moodlet, depending on your luck with the wish.

Aliens Enhanced

sims 4, aliens

Aliens came to the Sims 4 in the Get to Work expansion pack, but this mod expands them even further by adding new abilities, interactions, buffs, a ‘Brain power’ need, and more.

Mostly notably, your alien sim is now be able to use mind-control on its regular sim victims, whether they want them to clean the house or be a handy man and repair everything on the lot. And they can conquer a lot to start an alien invasion where some or all of the sims will be abducted while your alien sim laughs maniacally.

NPC Names Expanded

sims 4, mods, best, new, 2018

This mod was created because the number of names for each ethnicity for NPCs in The Sims 4 was super low. Once installed, you will notice thousands of new names for the game to randomly generate for townies.

New names include Indian, Japanese, and Arabic male and female first names and surnames that have never been seen in the vanilla game.

It should be noted that these names will not change the existing townies in your game, and instead will generate new sims with these names overtime.

Invisible Fences

the sims 4, mod

Our ungrateful Sims have a tendency to not use our pretty paths we make for them, and instead trample over the well-kept lawn to get to areas quicker.

This mod will force them to act more natural with paths by allowing you to create invisible fences to guide them in the right direction without any cluttering items actually being visible.

The fences work on both terrain and water, and to turn them invisible you just change the swatch of the item from its normal color to the customized invisible swatch in the build mode.

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