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5 Big Changes for The Division 2 Worth Getting Hyped About


5 Big Changes for The Division 2 Worth Getting Hyped About

Recently at an event held by Ubisoft, Twinfinite had the opportunity to go hands-on with The Division 2 and got a taste of its PvP, and PvPvE content.

The first game was far from perfect, especially at launch, but it came into its own as its lifespan played out. Based on what we’ve seen, and played so far though, there’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the next game.

Let’s dive into five hypeworthy changes coming to The Division 2.

Big Changes for The Division 2

Endgame and Post Launch Content

The Division was received warmly upon its release, but for a lot of players, there didn’t seem to be many reasons to stay around after beating it. Single-player oriented gamers and lone wolfs often avoided the Dark Zone, so there wasn’t really anything else to explore for that demographic.

Ubisoft figured out how to make it work down the road though – adding important new modes and features – and are carrying that over to The Division 2.

Red Storm creative director Terry Spier emphasized this, stating “everything has been in mind with endgame and a robust post-launch plan.”

According to Spier, that plan’s content revolves around the following:

  • Adding new Conflict maps
  • New experiences
  • Additional modes
  • Clans getting integrated into every feature

Keeping The Division 2’s content fresh will be vital to its success, as the original began to falter after it failed to implement endgame content around release.

With a plan in motion though, the sequel can reach a provide much more incentive to stick around for all types of players.

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