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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Thinks 2019 Is “Lined Up to Be Another Better Year.”

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Thinks 2019 Is “Lined Up to Be Another Better Year.”

Microsoft’s Xbox Division head Phil Spencer appears to be quite confident about 2019, as he mentioned during a brief segment at The Game Awards.

“We’ve got Crackdown 3, we’re going to be launching that. We’ve got Gears 5, which will just be incredible. One of my favorite franchises that has come out this generation for us, Ori… We’ll see the next Ori come out.

We’re gonna be back here at E3, which will be incredible, right here in this theater. This year was an awesome year for gamers, and I look at next year and I think that it’s just lined up to be another better year.”

It’ll be certainly interesting to see what Spencer and the Xbox team have up their sleeve, especially considering the recent acquisitions which have bolstered Microsoft Game Studios’ lineup considerably.

In the meanwhile, Sony remained rather quiet yesterday. Worldwide Studios Chairmain Shawn Layden seems to be keeping his hand under wraps for the moment, besides a small tease conveyed on Twitter.

While the message is a bit cryptic, it’s certainly good to build some anticipation.

Both executives, alongside Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé kicked off The Game Awards yesterday with a rather epic moment in which they stood together on the stage to give a joint speech about the power of gaming and gamers.

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