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Hilarious Smash Bros Ultimate Bug Gifts Isabelle With Eternal Assist Trophies

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Hilarious Smash Bros Ultimate Bug Gifts Isabelle With Eternal Assist Trophies

Smash Bros Ultimate has been absolutely dominating the net since its release earlier this month, with videos, fan art and discussions inundating every possible outlet.

Though its quality control is, by and large, up to Nintendo’s usual standards, it was inevitable that a few bugs were going to slip through the cracks. Thanks to YouTuber TheAfrowJow, an uproarious new glitch has been unearthed that makes the adorable Isabelle a grim harbinger of death, as well as a very popular doggo.

It’s triggered when two Isabelle players attempt to hook an assist trophy with their fishing rods at the same time. Whichever Isabelle snags it first will have their animation interrupted by the second rod, causing the assist trophy to activate multiple times.

The resulting summons begin flooding the screen, and before long, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of Shovel Knights or Samurai Gorohs or, if you’re especially unlucky, an endless gaggle of angry Waluigi clones.

As this is a fairly game breaking glitch, we can expect a patch to come in short order. Until that time, enjoy your brief stint as Isabelle, the merciless summoner of a thousand trophies.

Smash Bros Ultimate released on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7. We loved the game in our review, stating “This is the most ambitious and all-inclusive Super Smash Bros entry, and one of the very best games Nintendo’s little system has gotten yet.”

You can read our full review here, and check out our ever-expanding guide wiki for tips, tricks, and guides from the basics, right through to how to beat the final boss and get the true ending.

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