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Obsidian Reveals The Outer Worlds at The Game Awards


Obsidian Reveals The Outer Worlds at The Game Awards

There’s no better time for Obsidian Entertainment to announce a new game, than now. In a year where a Fallout game came and went with little to no fanfair, the hype around a new game made by the creators of the Fallout franchise is going to be insurmountably high.

Obsidian capitalized on this opportunity with the formal announcement of The Outer Worlds at tonight’s Game Awards. The Outer Worlds is being published by 2K Games’ Private Division, which is a subsidiary of 2K games that focuses on the publishing of independent, developer driven projects.

Check out the official announcement trailer below:

Though details on the game seem sparse, it’s clear that the game is a sci-fi RPG with a retro aesthetic, not unlike that of the Fallout series’, and alien environments that are somewhat reminiscent of Borderlands. The trailer from tonight’s Game Awards gave us a general idea on how The Outer Worlds is going to play, with heavy RPG elements that hinge on choice and consequence, and first person shooter gameplay.

Obsidian has the opportunity to pick up the mantle of being the marquee developers of Western RPGs; Bethesda having dropped the ball on Fallout 76, and Bioware having dropped the ball on Mass Effect: Andromeda has left the throne vacant. The Outer Worlds is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Hopefully Obsidian will be able to capitalize and deliver the kind of RPG experience that everyone knows they can.

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