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Grand Theft Auto Online Celebrates the Holidays with Gifts and Goodies

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online Celebrates the Holidays with Gifts and Goodies

While Red Dead Online is the new kid on the block, Grand Theft Auto Online isn’t yet ready to go the way of the proverbial dodo, and today Rockstar is kicking off the Holiday celebrations in the game.

Those who log into the game today will get the free Vapid Clique car. Bomb Ball enters the Arena Wars series and will grant double GTA$ and RP rewards until Jan. 17.

For those who like slightly less antique cars, the Grotti Itali GTO will be released at Legendary Motorsport tomorrow.

More freebies will come to those who play between today and Jan. 7. They will receive two T-shirts with the Grotti and Weeny logos.

Double rewards will be provided in the following activities:

  • Client Jobs (Terrorbyte Missions)
  • Biker Contract Missions
  • Gunrunning Sales
  • Special Cargo Sales
  • Smuggler’s Run Cargo Sales

Your nightclub income will also be doubled.

Below you can read the full calendar of the Holidays, to know when you need to log in to enjoy the goodies.

  • Dec. 25 – Vapid Clique, Up-N-Atomizer Pistol, Slasher Festive Sweater, 5 Festive Liveries for the Chernobog, Firework Launcher w/ 10 Firework Rockets, 25 Sticky Bombs, 25 Grenades, 5 Proximity Mines, 5 Molotovs, Full Snacks & Armor
  • Dec. 26 – Blue Bleeder Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for the Mammoth Avenger
  • Dec. 27 – Green Slaying Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for HVY Barrage
  • Dec. 28 – Hail Santa Festive Sweater, Free Nagasaki Buzzard & Festive Liveries for the APC
  • Dec. 29 – Blue Cluckin’ Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for Buckingham Akula
  • Dec. 30 – Merry Sprunkmas Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for Comet Safari
  • Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve Gift (Black & Red Bones Festive Sweater, Fireworks and more), free HVY Insurgent Pick-Up & Festive Liveries for the Pegassi Oppressor
  • Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day Gift (Red Bones Festive Sweater, Fireworks and more)

Grand Theft Auto Online is currently available with Grand Theft Auto V for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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