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Detroit: Become Human Is Quantic Dream’s Fastest-Selling Title to Date

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human Is Quantic Dream’s Fastest-Selling Title to Date

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that Quantic Dream’s and David Cage’s latest narrative-driven adventure game, Detroit: Become Human, is now the fastest-selling title from the studio. Since releasing in May earlier this year, the game has managed to reach a milestone of 2 million units sold.

Quantic Dream went to Twitter to express their excitement on the news and to also piggyback on PlayStation’s announcement, thanking the #ConnorArmy for allowing the development team to reach this goal.

Detroit: Become Human takes place in a future where androids live alongside humans, working as nannies, caregivers, and/or other occupations such as detectives and nurses. The story follows three androids – Kara, Connor, and Markus – who’s stories (while separate at first) begin to intertwine in ways you couldn’t imagine.

The #ConnorArmy originated from fans taking a strong liking to one of the characters, in particular, the police investigator Connor who is played by the dashingly handsome Bryan Dechart.

The other two characters haven’t gotten as much love as Connor has, but we’re sure there are some Kara and Markus fan-groups out there as well.

Detroit: Become Human is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. If you’re interested, you can read up on our review right here. We thought the latest adventure game from Quantic Dream was the most ambitious by far, and really enjoyed the engaging story that was full of branching story paths and brutal decisions to make.

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