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Destiny 2: Where the Black Armory Location Is


Destiny 2: Where the Black Armory Location Is

Where the Black Armory Location is in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge has begun, and with it, the Black Armory content is now live. Obviously, anyone with the annual pass is going to want to jump right to the Black Armory’s location and start playing. So here’s where to go and get started.

The Black Armory missions will start right away as long as you have purchased the Annual Pass. You can do that through your respective platform of choice’s store for $34.99 if you’re ready to dive in.

Anywho, your first stop is to your friendly local shady people smuggler Spider on The Tangled Shore, who will give you his pass to the Black Armory because you’re a cool dude who helped him a bunch, I guess.

Surprisingly, your next step is actually to go to the Tower, where you’ll go down to a newly revealed section of the Tower map known as the Annex.

Go to the Bazaar, and near the Drifter, a set of stairs will be opened up. Follow that path and you’ll eventually be underneath the Tower proper. Once you’ve gone here at least once, you can then fly in nearby via a new destination point at the Tower.

Eventually, you’ll run right into the Black Armory. It’s pretty neat looking but not long after you get there you’ll be admonished by local resident and vendor ADA-1. She hates guardians, and so did the Black Armory’s founder apparently.

However, after the Red War, their operation has slipped into disrepair, and begrudgingly she accepts your helps thanks to Spider vouching for you.

At that point you can begin the quest lines which will provide you powerful new legendary weapons and other equipment, including access to the first forge, Volundr.

That does it for where the Black Armory location is in Destiny 2. Enjoy the new Season of the Forge content, and happy farming for powerful enemies, hive, and power weapon mutlikills. You’ll be doing a lot of that.

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