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Destiny 2: Hive Locations & Where to Farm Acolytes Fast & Easy


Destiny 2: Hive Locations & Where to Farm Acolytes Fast & Easy

Hive Locations & Where to Farm Acolytes Fast & Easy for Black Armory

Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge, aka the Black Armory update brings with it a host of new objectives for guardians to plow through on their way to unlocking powerful new weapons and equipment for use in the game’s hardest activities. One of these Black Armory quests will task you with taking down the Hive and Acolytes. Here’s some location tips, and farming tricks.

First, you should know that Hive can spawn on Titan, Mars, and The Dreaming City primarily.

By far the best location to farm any of the Hive and/or Acolyte objectives for Black Armory is Escalation Protocol on Mars. Simply fire one of those events up, which is almost at any time as long as a public event isn’t active, and you’ll have a steady stream of powerful enemies that you can rip through with a power weapon if you need the multikills, or just rack up kills in general.

Alternatively, if you can’t or don’t want to go to Mars, spawning right into the rig of Titan, you can take on the summoning ritual public event which will continuously spawn hordes of Hive through the summoning portal once you have triggered the event heroic.

This is a great spot to get your power weapon multi-kills, or just get Hive kills in general. Public events in general, regardless of which one you decide to go with, are the best place to spawn hive acolytes.

If you already completed that, or just don’t feel like waiting around. You can also manually queue up Savathun’s Song strike from the director. Go to Titan, and click the strike emblem for Savathun’s Song. This is a Hive-based strike, where yes you can farm lots of them, including Acolytes, who are among the most common enemies you’ll run across.

Finally, if you just want a chill experience, you can just roam around Mars, Titan, or The Dreaming City and just encounter Hive as you go. They tend to roam more indoors than outdoors, especially on Titan.

If you’re free-roaming, Mars is probably your best place to go then in that case, as they are the dominant population of that planet (provided you have the Warmind expansion of course).

That does does it for Hive locations, and where to Farm Acolytes fast & easy in Destiny 2′s Black Armory update. Happy hunting! Check out our Destiny 2 wiki guide for tips and tricks about the latest updates.

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