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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s Canadaian Civilization is Really Devoted to Peace

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s Canadaian Civilization is Really Devoted to Peace

Canada has been a long time coming to the Civilization games, but it will finally debut in the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. And it’s more peaceful than Gandhi, or at least the Civilization franchise’s nuke-happy version of him.

The official Civilization Twitter page was recently updated with a video detailing the Canadian civilization’s traits and advantages. The video also gives a few hints on Canada’s preferred playstyle.

As with the franchize’s other civilizations, Firaxis Games drafts one of Canada’s great historical leaders to serve as the in-game face of the Great White North. Players should expect to be greeted by Wilfrid Laurier, the 7th Prime Minister of Canada who was known for his policies of Canadian expansion and unity.

Those who pick Canada as their civilization will be able to utilize Laurier’s ability, The Last Best West, which can build farms on tundra terrain (and tundra hills with the proper research), which is invaluable since the terrain provides little in the way of resources. More importantly, Canada players can extract double the amount of consumable resources they normally would obtain from tundra and snow terrain. Since Canada can also buy tundra and snow terrain at bargain prices, this synergy could easily transform the civilization into an economic juggernaut on snowy maps.

Speaking of the economy, Canada comes with its own Unique Improvement, which is obviously an ice hockey rink. While it is only limited to tundra and snow terrain, as well as one per city, the ice hockey rink provides both Appeal and Amenities bonuses, as well as bonus Culture depending on adjacent terrain and buildings. Plus, once players unlock the Flight technology, the rink provides a Tourism bonus, and unlocking the Professional Sports “civic” lets the rink produce Production and Food (somehow).

In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, Canada is focused on coexisting peacefully with its neighbors, and this ideology goes both ways thanks to the Four Faces of Peace ability. Players cannot declare a Surprise War against Canada if they want to go the warmonger route, but conversely, Canada can’t declare Surprise Wars either. Additionally, whenever Canada helps out another civilization during an Emergency (and succeeds), Canada get additional Favor. Plus, if Canada players have great Tourism, this Favor bonus grows significantly.

Of course, Canada isn’t without defenses. While the civilization has access to plenty of combat units, it gets a unique unit —the light cavalry known as the Mountie. Not only can these mounted units create National Parks (which provide bonus Tourism and Amenities), they become stronger while fighting near National Parks. And yes, this boost snowballs whenever they fight near Canadian National Parks.

Canada is designed to take advantage of cold-weather territories, defend itself and its allies, and achieve victory through culture and diplomacy. Players who prefer winning Civilization VI games by being a nice person will likely flock to Canada when the Gathering Storm expansion launches for PC on Febuary 14th, 2019.

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