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Thunderlord and Heavy Machine Guns are Back in Destiny 2


Thunderlord and Heavy Machine Guns are Back in Destiny 2

Bungie revealed today that Thunderlord, the fan-favorite Heavy Machine Gun exotic from Destiny 1, has made its way into Destiny 2. Not only is that pretty exciting news, more importantly, it triggers the official return of Heavy Machine Guns into Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 did away with HMGs when launching Destiny 2 over a year ago. They were pretty overpowered in the Crucible, but lacked punch in most PvE situations. Rather then try and fix its problems in both major areas, it seemed like Bungie decided to just get rid of them all together.

However the first of the annual pass content. Black Armory, coming out later this year will usher in the return of the lost power weapon class, and Thunderlord is your sneak preview of that.

The Thunderlord can only be obtained by completing the Lost Cryptarch event which launched around Halloween. Talk to Amanda Holiday in the Shipyard if you haven’t started it up yet.

You have a few weeks to complete the quest in order to guarantee yourself one if you stick with it. If you end up skipping the quest when the event ends on Nov. 27, you’ll still be able to get Thunderlord via normal means. Also known as praying to the RNG gods. So you know what that means: go do that quest.

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