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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brings Back Adventure Mode in World of Light


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brings Back Adventure Mode in World of Light

Super Smash Bros. might focus on online multiplayer, but it also caters to gamers who want a single player experience. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no exception.

If you are a longtime smasher, you probably remember the Adventure mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee that let players platform and fight through various stages inspired by Nintendo games. You also probably remember the ludicrous Subspace Emissary mode from Brawl that tries to explain why Nintendo characters are fighting each other. Well, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate follows that proud tradition and is trying to contextualize a new game feature.

The Nintendo Direct provided a ton of information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including the spirits that will power up characters with everything from healing auras to fire immunity. As the video stated, these spirits are video game characters who lost their physical form and want to get back to the real world where they exist as toys. But how did they lose their forms? The new Adventure mode, titled World of Light, will answer that question.

According to the trailer, Master Hand is to blame, or to be specific, an army of Master Hands. While the fighters do their best to fight off the Hands (or run away), they’re overwhelmed by Tabuu levels of insanity that literally destroy the galaxy, and only Kirby survives. Players will start World of Light with the pink puffball as they fight off shadowy doppelgangers possessed by the spirits of those unlucky enough to be obliterated in the opening cutscene.

While Nintendo won’t reveal more of the story, it is more than happy to demonstrate that World of Light will involve sprawling maps from Nintendo games of old. While players won’t jump through the Mushroom Kingdom or explore Brinstar Depths’ cavernous, um, depths in sidescrolling levels, they will traverse large, sprawling areas from a birds-eye view, fighting evil facsimiles in some less-than-standard Smash matches. As players complete the mode, they will open up the map, obtain more spirits, and (in an added twist) unlock skills and upgrades in a vaguely RPG skill tree. Oh, and players can also expect to fight boss enemies. Remember when Rathalos was revealed as an Assist Trophy? Turns out the King of the Skies will be a boss in World of Light, as will characters such as Galleom.

If you loved Subspace Emissary, you will love World of Light, especially since the characters are actually voiced. Yes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is officially in the exclusive club of first-party Nintendo games that feature voice acting.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release on December 7th for the Nintendo Switch.

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