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StarCraft 2’s Future is Mostly Unit Tweaks and Balances

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StarCraft 2’s Future is Mostly Unit Tweaks and Balances

StarCraft is over twenty years old. Can you imagine? Well, it is, and the team behind the game isn’t done fixing it, but don’t expect anything more than fixes.

First things first, players will get a new war chest. As with all the other chests, this one will provide rewards for dedicated players, specifically in the form of new skins for each race’s buildings. Terrans will feature the carbon fibery Special Forces skins; Protoss will get Forged skins themed after the hero Alarak, and Zerg will turn into the techno-organic Simulants. These tie into skins that already exist for the three playable races’ units, so gamers who felt a tad uneasy hatching robo-Hydralisks from a distinctly organic Hatchery won’t have to worry about the disconnect much longer.

But, if you don’t feel like purchasing a war chest, you can always watch StarCraft 2 games on Twitch for Starcraft 2 Twitch Drops. Yes, you can now earn special unit and building skins just by watching professional Starcraft 2 players participate in multiplayer matches. Talk about a reward.

Most of StarCraft 2’s upcoming changes won’t focus on shiny new skins, though. Blizzard is changing the way each StarCraft 2 match plays out, making sure upgrades stay interesting (their words, not mine) and balancing late and mid-game units and battles.

As you might expect, most of these changes revolve around specific units, such as the Terran Battlecruiser, Protoss Dark Templar, and the Zerg Ultralisk. The Battlecruiser, for example, will be transformed into a move-and-shoot unit. After all, it doesn’t make sense for a giant freaking spaceship to not fire its canons while on the move.

Now, while the StarCraft 2 team is dedicated to fixing the game, they believe they have fixed almost everything there is to fix. While the devs will create game patches and balance units, they will do so on a case by case basis instead of on a schedule. The third and final episode of the game, Legacy of the Void, released almost three years ago to the day, which is more than enough time to tweak a game so it’s as close to perfect as possible.

We will keep our ears out for any future StarCraft 2 news.

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